Woman interrupts proceedings: I'm a witness too

SINGAPORE - The inquiry was interrupted briefly on Wednesday afternoon when a woman, claiming to be a witness in the Little India riot, walked into the courtroom.

She had earlier approached the media to try to give her side of the story.

When told she had to speak to investigation officers, she refused.

The woman then sat in the public gallery, frequently letting out loud sighs.

When Certis Cisco supervisor Mahmood Masdar ended his testimony, she stood up and asked to speak.

"I'm a witness too," she said, refusing to comply with police officers who told her to sit down.

This caught the attention of Committee of Inquiry chairman G. P. Selvam, who told her that "this is not a townhall meeting".

"We are conducting proceedings here. Do not disrupt," the former Supreme Court judge said.

When the woman continued to protest, saying she just needed two minutes, Mr Selvam snapped at her.

"You will not even get two seconds. Sit down. And keep quiet."

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