Woman investigated for making false police report

SINGAPORE - Police are investigating a 39-year-old woman for making a false Police report claiming that she was a victim of snatch theft.

On Sep 8, 2013 at about 11.40am, the woman made a Police report claiming that she was at the lift landing of a HDB block in the vicinity of Clementi Avenue 2 when an unknown man approached and snatched her mobile phone and pouch containing cash amounting to $100 earlier at about 8am.

The unknown man then fled towards Clementi Avenue 2.

Upon receiving the report, officers from Clementi Police Division conducted extensive enquiries and follow-up investigations.

In the course of the investigations, many discrepancies were detected.

Through skillful follow-up interviews by the officers, the woman admitted that she had lodged a false report.

Investigations against her are ongoing.

Anyone who is convicted for giving any information which they know to be false to a public servant shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine which may extend to $5,000, or with both.

Commander of Clementi Police Division, Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police (DAC) Melvin Yong, commended his officers' thoroughness in establishing the credibility of the report.

DAC Yong warned that Police would take stern action against anyone giving false information to a public servant and thus expending police resources that could otherwise be put to better use.