Woman leaves kid sitting alone dangerously on ledge outside flat

A video of a woman leaving her child on the corridor ledge outside an HDB flat and her neighbour telling her off for it recently surfaced online.

The video uploaded on Must Be Singapore's Facebook page shows the parent letting her child sit on the ledge with her legs underneath the handrails of the ledge.

Upon seeing this careless behaviour, a man believed to be the neighbour of the parent decides to film the scene from his home.

But he comes out of his flat and tells the woman off as soon as she leaves the child on the ledge alone.

The worried man says:

"Hello, you put your daughter like that?

"If your husband sees you like that, you husband will scold you, you know.

"You put your daughter like that, you make me scared."

He then advises the woman to bring her daughter down from the ledge.

Another man who appears to be the woman's husband then comes out of the flat and talks to the woman.

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