Woman loses cool at deaf and mute cleaner in Jem food court, demands apology

PHOTO: Facebook screen grab

A woman lost her cool at employees in a food court in Jem shopping mall on Friday (June 3) after a deaf and mute cleaner cleared her tray before she finished eating.

A video of the incident was uploaded on Facebook by Euphemia Lee, which Stomp contributors Vanessa, Zaleha, Jennifer, Kel, Jane, Marcus, Candice, Corine and Kenny alerted the citizen journalism website to.

According to Lee, the incident started when the cleaner at the food court "misunderstood (the woman's) grunting when he asked if he could clear her tray for affirmation."

She reportedly then started cursing and said "that he should go and die and should not be given a coffin."

Lee said in her post: "She then continued eating until her husband returned, after which she insisted her husband drag the old man back to their table to apologise to her."

In the video, when the manager of the cleaning company stepped in to explain that the elderly man was deaf and mute, the woman continued screaming at him.

She said that the cleaner was better off being a "beggar".

Lee's video has garnered nearly 400,000 views and over 12,500 shares to date.

Lee said that she had "the gross misfortune of crossing paths with this disgusting, vile swine posing as a human being".

She added in her post: "I cannot understand how such an evil being can exist. She should start looking out for the Karma bus whenever she crosses the road."

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