Woman offers breast milk for baby of Jurong fire victim

The father of the late chemist Lim Siaw Chian, who was a victim of a fire that broke out at Leeden National Oxygen, shows reporters pictures of Siaw Chian's daughter.
PHOTO: Facebook/Lim Siaw Chian, The Straits Times

A 30-YEAR-OLD teacher from Kulai, Johor, has volunteered to provide her breast milk to a four-month-old baby girl whose mother died in a fire, until she turns two.

Bonnie See contacted Kwong Wah Yit Poh after reading the news about the death of the mother Lim Siaw Chian, 30, who was also from Kulai. A fire had broken out on Monday at a Singapore factory where Lim worked as a chemist.

See said she felt sad for the girl who had been breastfed by her mother since birth.

She said she had breastfed her own four-year-old daughter and was now breastfeeding her baby boy who was born on July 7.

"I believe that breast milk is the best food for babies. If Lim's family members allow it, I would provide the girl with my breast milk as long as I am able to do so or until she is two," said See.

Lim's father, whose name was not mentioned in the report, thanked See and said he would discuss the offer with his son-in-law after his daughter's funeral.

"My granddaughter is now being taken care of by a babysitter in Singapore," he said.

Lim had just resumed work for a week after her maternity leave when the fire occurred.