Woman suffers diarrhoea, vomiting and swollen eyelids after eating expired cupcakes from Cold Storage

Update: Cold Storage has contacted Stomp contributor Bella with regards to the incident.

According to Bella, the customer service representative asked her to send photos of the serial number on the cake box to Cold Storage.


Stomp contributor Bella had the runs and vomited multiple times after consuming expired cupcakes that she purchased from Cold Storage at TripleOne Somerset on Feb 3.

She filed a complaint after realising that she had fallen ill from eating the cakes. However, she said she did not get a satisfactory response from Cold Storage regarding the incident.

Bella told online citizen journalism website Stomp that she had purchased a dozen of cupcakes without realizing that they had expired on Jan 31. She ate two of them for dinner and went to bed.

A weird sensation in her stomach woke her up and she immediately rushed to the toilet.

The next morning, she consumed another two of the cupcakes for breakfast and also had to use the bathroom afterwards.

"I did not have anything else for dinner, only the cupcakes," she told Stomp in a phone interview.

Bella only noticed the expiry date on the lid of the cupcake box when she was preparing for work.

Confused by what she had seen, Bella called in to sick to work and told them about what had happened. Her colleagues encouraged her to visit the doctor and file a complaint.

She then visited the doctor and told the physician of her symptoms. However, he could not pinpoint the cause of her diarrhoea and vomiting.

Her lower eyelids were also red and swollen.

Bella spent over $30 for the consultation and decided to make a complaint to Cold Storage on Feb 4.

According to Bella, Cold Storage sent a hamper to her house on Feb 6 but did not give her the closure she wanted with regards to the case.

In a message to Stomp, she said:

"I sent pictures of the receipt, cake box and doctor's receipt. The customer service representative said that they will compensate but nothing has been done till today.

"When I called, they said that the case is still under investigation and told me that they are still awaiting news from the supplier."

She added that the customer service representative also told her to hand over her doctor's original certificate and her loss of income slip to process the case.

Bella said: "I asked for an admission letter stating that I had bought expired food from them but there seems to be no response."

She added that she received a call on Thursday (Feb 11) from her friend at her workplace stating that a representative from Cold Storage had called to say that they received the cupcakes Bella had purchased.

"But I did not give them the cakes, they are still with me. I did not even go there and they even sent me hampers which won't work," she said.

She said that she was disappointed with the company's service and was appalled that a company promoting a healthy lifestyle sold expired food.

"Even though the food is supplied from other sources, you have staffs that are supposed to check things that are put on display right? What if it ended up being more serious than it was and what is someone died from this? If you would have really taken matter seriously like you said it wouldn't have ended up like this."

Bella added that she has already lodged a report with the National Environment Agency.