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Woman thanks Watsons staff after recovering Chanel wallet she left in shop

Woman thanks Watsons staff after recovering Chanel wallet she left in shop
PHOTO: Stomp

With our low crime rates, it's no surprise that Singapore topped a December 2022 list of safest countries to travel to.

In fact, a tourist made waves online when he set out to prove how safe our Lion City is, by leaving his laptop unattended for an hour at a "random Starbucks" outlet.

The US-based TikToker posted a video in October 2022 that shows him leaving his laptop alone at the cafe and then going to a nearby mall for lunch.

When he returned for his laptop afterwards, "sure enough, it's still there," he said in the video.

The TikToker also said "honesty and fairness is a big part of the culture here" when listing reasons for Singapore's low crime rates.

Well, Stomp contributor Careless Lady recently got to experience that culture after she forget her Chanel wallet at a Watsons store at Block 106 Hougang Avenue 1 last Friday (Jan 20), at around 9.30am.

She told Stomp on Wednesday: "I went to Watsons to buy Chinese New Year groceries. After I took out my card for payment, I left my purse open at the counter. I then drove off without realising that I had left my purse at the counter.

"When I noticed my wallet was missing, my mind was a blank because I had drawn a lot of money to prepare for Chinese New Year ang pows. My helper, who was with me at that point in time, was also very scared that she cried.

"When I drove back to Hougang, which took one due to the heavy traffic, I was hoping that there would be someone honest to return my wallet."

Careless Lady was pleasantly surprised when she returned to the store and found that staff had kept her wallet safe.

She shared photos identifying the staff members as a customer supervisor and a senior customer assistant.

The Stomp contributor added: "I am very proud of the honesty of the staff at Watsons."

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This article was first published in Stomp. Permission required for reproduction.

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