Woman throws perfume bottles out of window, almost hits man

SINGAPORE - He shuddered as he recalled his narrow escape on Tuesday evening.

Convenience store worker Lim Keng Tian, 38, was having dinner at the back of the shop at Block 629, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4, when a glass bottle came flying out of a second-storey bedroom window in Block 631 nearby.

Mr Lim told The New Paper on Wednesday: "I was just squatting down, eating, when a glass bottle of perfume landed just about a metre from where I was.

" It smashed when it hit the ground. I was shocked! If I had moved just a short distance away from where I was, I could have been seriously hurt."

Mr Lim, who has been working at ABC Bargain Centre for only about a week, looked up and overheard two people quarrelling in the flat.

Then a second bottle was thrown out, followed by another.

Both bottles smashed when they hit the ground. "Luckily, all three bottles did not hit anybody," said Mr Lim.

By then, a crowd had already gathered near the broken bottles. An onlooker called the police.

The police said they received a call about the incident at around 9.20pm asking for assistance. They arrested a 28-year-old woman for rash act after arriving at the scene.

Mr Lim's colleague, Mr Lourdu Nathan, 32, who has been working at the shop for about eight months, claimed he often heard people quarrelling inside the flat.

He said: "I often hear a woman's voice shouting. She can get quite loud.

"They fight quite often and I always hear things being thrown around. But Tuesday night was the first time that things were thrown out of the window."

A neighbour who lives in Block 631 agreed. The housewife, who declined to be identified, said: "I don't know what they fight about because it's not my business. But they tend to quarrel more often during the weekends."

Others TNP spoke to said that the woman who was arrested was very pleasant and friendly.

Always smiling

Madam Salmiah Bidin, 55, who used to work at a coffee shop at Block 631, said: "The woman had come to my stall a few times. She was very nice - always smiling."

But Madam Salmiah was concerned that things were thrown out of the flat.

"I have three grandchildren, between eight and 12 years old," she said.

"Imagine if the bottles had landed on them - or any other children - as they walked by. They could have been badly hurt."

TNP visited the flat at about 5.30pm on Wednesday and overheard two people - a man and a woman - quarrelling inside.

The police said investigations are ongoing.

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