Woman warns others of man who allegedly tries to scam people into paying his bills at AXS machine

A woman took to Facebook to warn others who make payments at AXS machines to be careful after witnessing a strange incident yesterday (Aug 1).

Kimberly Meagan was waiting in line to pay her bills yesterday morning behind a man she described as "well dressed".

For some reason, his transaction kept getting cancelled so he apologised to her and asked if he could try again.

She said "Sure!" and noted how friendly and courteous he was.

She then overheard him arguing on the phone with someone over money in his own native language.

She heard him say, "It's okay, there's a lady behind me, it won't time out," before leaving.

He then stood at a distance while Kimberly proceeded to pay her own bills.

This was when things got weird.

Photo: Facebook

She wrote: "When I got to the "Make Payment" page, his transactions of about $300 [were] there. I only had one bill so it was pretty obvious. I turned to look at him and he looked away. I cancelled his transaction and only paid mine."

"When I was done, I turned to him and did that finger pointing 'orh-hor' motion and he mouthed 'sorry, sorry' and bowed a little."

Kimberly then headed to a nearby McDonald's for breakfast before walking by the same AXS machine when she saw him again but this time with an elderly lady behind him.

She was shocked when he did the same thing, walking away from the machine and standing nearby at the same spot he had earlier.

Being curious, Kimberly walked up to the lady and said she wanted to check something.

"Weasel did the same thing!! I helped her cancel his transactions and told her next time must check. I turned around and he was gone. But I went by the counter to let them know what was up but didn't see anyone attend to the machine for the next five minutes."

She updated the post today (Aug 2) saying that she heard this has happened at other locations as well.

She ended off the post telling others to be careful and attentive.

Photo: Facebook