Woman waves knife at neighbour when confronted about mess at corridor

SINGAPORE - Stomp contributor Ian is frustrated by this neighbour who would make a mess along the corridor outside his flat at Lengkok Bahru on purpose, then wave a knife at him when confronted.

According to Ian, the woman will mix dirt and black tea leaves in water, then throw them along the corridor in front of his flat, staining the floor with the black dirt.

The woman stopped making a mess when Ian lodged a report to NEA, HDB and the Tanjong Pagar Town Council last year, but this only lasted for a short period of time.

Ian mentions that the woman will point a knife towards him and his mother's direction when confronted, but only when she is sure no neighbours are around to witness it.

In an email and phone conversation with Stomp, Ian says:

"After pouring the water, the woman would use a broom to sweep the dirt towards my house, keeping her side clean.

"When being confronted, she will deny and not admit anything.

"The quarrelling happens quite frequently now."

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