Woman who claims to be mum of ITE slasher says victim had 'no guts'

A woman who is supposedly the mother of the 16-year-old boy involved in the slashing incident at ITE College West on Mar 10 has spoken out on Facebook.

The fight had apparently started over a girl. A 19-year-old suffered lacerations and a fracture while the 16-year-old, who swung a bread knife at the older student, was arrested.

Following the incident, screenshots showing Facebook posts by the 16-year-old guy's mother have been circulating online, which a contributor to citizen journalism website Stomp came across.

In one profanity-laced post, the woman defended her son's actions and criticised the 19-year-old for not having the courage to fight her son.

This post was apparently in response to Twitter users who slammed her son's behaviour.

According to an article on All Singapore Stuff, a rough translation of one of her posts reads: "The 19-year-old wearing a black shirt is a poser, running away from my son who is 16 years old. You may have shoes but you don't have the guts."

The woman also called her son 'brave'.

The contributor commented: "The mother of the 16-year-old boy mentioned that the boy aged 19 has no guts. In fact, she is very proud of her son's reaction."

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