Woman's leg stuck in train gap at Chinatown station, causing delay

SINGAPORE - A woman's leg slipped into the gap between a train and the boarding platform at Chinatown MRT station, causing train services to be disrupted for about 15 minutes on Wednesday (Feb 3).

The incident occurred at about 2pm at the Chinatown Station, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said.

The woman, 45, was wheeling her elderly mother on a wheelchair out of the train, when the incident happened at about 2pm, reported Lianhe Wanbao yesterday.

She seemed to show more concern about her mother, believed to be in her 70s, although her right leg was trapped so tightly in the gap that it could not be moved, said a journalist from Wanbao who happened to be at the scene.

Station staff and some concerned commuters tried many attempts to free her but failed.

The SCDF finally freed her leg using rescue tools. It rushed one fire engine, one red rhino and one ambulance to the scene.

The woman suffered minor abrasion and bruising on her leg, but she did not want to be taken to hospital.

Instead, the woman, who left the station in a hurry, told Wanbao: "It hurts, but I can stand it. I have to take my mother home first!"

Last year, there were five reported cases of similar incidents. Train announcements have repeatedly advised commuters to mind the platform gap when boarding or disembarking a train.


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