Woman's phone stolen at Bugis Junction's LiHo

Stomp contributor Denise is desperately looking for her phone that was taken at the LiHo outlet in Bugis+ on Oct 29 at around 5.18pm.

She was ordering a drink at the counter when she left her phone there while making her payment.

She walked away without realising that she had left her phone behind.

Denise returned to the outlet to ask to review the surveillance footage and saw that a woman had arrived at the counter after her.

The woman had made her order and after making payment, placed her own wallet on top of Denise's phone before putting both items into her bag.

The staff probably did not realise that Denise's phone was there as it was black, the same colour as the counter.

The phone is an OPPO R7s in rose gold.

It contains Denise's National Registration Identity Card (NRIC), bank cards, EZ-Link card among other things.

She managed to track her phone's last location to Chestnut Avenue in Bukit Panjang.

The Stomp contributor has since made a police report.

Denise hopes that if anybody comes across her phone, they will report it to the police.

The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers are, IMEI1: 867934028058933 and IMEI2: 867934028058925.