Women don't stop arguing even when the police arrive

SINGAPORE - Two women were seen arguing and shouting expletives at a man over the counter, even resorting to spitting at him in their anger.

As originally reported on Stomp, the incident was captured on video and posted to All Singapore Stuff.

The incident starts with the first woman looking for a card in her bag, already in a bad mood from a possible earlier encounter (not captured on video).

She refuses service from the man on the other side of the counter and shouts vulgarities at him, only for him to reply, "You wish."

His response riles her and her friend up even more, with both women threatening to beat him.

The second woman splashes what appears to be a drink at him, before the first opens the counter door to get closer and shout at him.

The man keeps his cool, but his responses only anger the women more. They eventually spit and throw things at him, but a security guard steps in to separate them before the man can retaliate.

A second video has the women arguing with the police officers sent to the scene, claiming that the man had been repeatedly sexually harrassing them.

The officer tries to get her to calm down, but she insists on confronting the first man and walks past the officer to continue her shouting, even cursing the man to die.

The woman turns her anger on the police officer, questioning him about his 'attitude' and insisting on his name to make a complaint against him.

After taking his picture, the women carry on their verbal abuse, even as they insist on going to the police station to make a report.