Women who spat at man in heated argument: Another video shows how it all started

A third video that has surfaced online shows why the heated argument between the two women who spat at a man got started.

In a video posted by All Singapore Stuff today (May 6), the women can be seen shouting at the man, apparently over his refusal to give them extra condominium access cards.

The post description states that this occurred at Simei Green condo, and they were asking for cards without the permission of the owner. It is unconfirmed if that is indeed true.

One of the women, however, can be heard yelling:

"I asked you to give me the access card, without anything!

"I call the police, it's you who started to hit me first! You beat me first!"

To which someone (not in the video) replies, "Ya, the police are on the way."

She even spits at him repeatedly and lunges at him. Another man tries to stop her.

As they calm down for a moment while waiting for the police to arrive, the woman makes a remark that his "mother gave birth to 'this pattern'".

In earlier videos posted online, the women were seen spitting and hurling vulgarities at the staff.

In another video, they were also seen yelling at a cop when the police arrived, taking his photo and threatening to 'complain'.

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