World War II war relic found on NTU premises removed by SAF

SINGAPORE - A war relic was found along Jalan Bahar on Friday and was safely removed by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

According to The Straits Times, police confirmed on Saturday that it received a call at 10.34am on Friday and it was removed by officers from an SAF Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Explosives (CBRE) unit without incident.

A reader also wrote to citizen journalism site Stomp, about the relic being found at Nanyang Crescent, in the Nanyang Technological University.

Said the reader, Sunny: "There were some excavation works being done at Nanyang Crescent and a war relic was found buried 1.8 metres underground."

An email posted online presumably by an NTU student states that the World War II relic will be disposed of today (Feb 14).

The email, reportedly from the school's Office of Housing & Auxillary Services, states that it was discovered directly opposite a student hostel.

Students were advised to vacate their rooms temporarily.