WP's Daniel Goh files police report over letter alleging affair

PHOTO: The Straits Times

SINGAPORE - Dr Daniel Goh, a potential candidate for the Workers' Party (WP) in the coming general election, has filed a police report against a "poison pen letter" sent to his party and the media last night.

The letter, sent by a "Max Chan", alleged that the National University of Singapore sociologist had an extra-martial affair with a post-graduate student from his department. The author also claimed that the alleged affair was discovered by the woman's boyfriend, referred to only as J, through messages in her phone.

Dr Goh denied these allegations in a Facebook post last night.

"I categorically refute the baseless allegations and I question the timing of the poison pen letter coming immediately after the candidate introduction," he wrote. He added that had the intention of the letter been to alert the WP about his morals, it should have been sent earlier and directly to the party leaders.

He also maintained that he has always kept a professional relationship with his students.

He thanked his supporters in another Facebook post today and said that he had filed a report at Serangoon Neighbourhood Police Centre.