WP's Glenda Han weds South African music director

SINGAPORE - Wedding bells rang for Worker's Party member Glenda Han on Sunday when she tied the knot with South African musician Matheu Kieswetter, Shin Min reported.

Han, 36, announced the marriage on her Facebook page yesterday.

She said: "Started off today officially as Mrs Han-Kieswetter. Spent many weeks hectically preparing for yesterday's wedding. Tying up loose ends of post-wedding arrangements next!"

She also added that she would share more about her wedding on her page in future.

"Still have a few issues to discuss with various vendors. Will share more of the wedding with everyone later," she said.

It was indicated in her post that she was sending out the status update from The Regent Singapore. Shin Min said in an article that the couple may have held their wedding there.

Han and her husband Matheu Kieswetter dated for more than a year before getting married two days ago, she said in an e-mail interview with Shin Min. She chose to keep other details of their relationship private.

Mr. Kieswetter's listed Cape Town as his birthplace on his Facebook page. According to the page, he graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow, United Kingdom and currently works as a music director at University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

Other details on his Facebook page also indicated that the couple got engaged this year on April 8.

Han has indicated her intention of staying in Singapore to continue her work with Workers' Party, Shin Min also reported.

"Other than my marital status, nothing else has changed. Hence I will continue my current work here," she said.

When asked if the couple will be embarking on a honeymoon and if they had any plans for children, she said that she and her husband do not have plans at the moment.

WP's party leader Sylvia Lim had also confirmed being in a relationship with former footballer Quah Kim Song a few weeks ago.