Yishun cat deaths: 20th cat found dead on Thursday

The number of cats found dead in Yishun continued to climb as the 20th cat was found dead yesterday (Jan 21).

Yishun 326 Tabby cat, a Facebook community group appealed for witnesses in a post, and added that the cat carcass was found at a walkway next to a petrol kiosk near Block 732 Yishun Avenue 5.

This latest cat death comes two days after another cat death in Yishun on Jan 19 at a drain near Block 361 Yishun Ring road.

Nee Soon Member of Parliament (MP) Louis Ng said on Wednesday that there are a few cat killers on the loose, and his team of volunteers will continue to raise the stakes in their search for the perpetrators.

"There were always two different kinds of cat deaths. Some were thrown down the building while the rest were strangled or mutilated," Mr Ng told The New Paper.

On Dec 29, 2015, a man was charged under the new Animals and Birds Act for allegedly throwing a cat to death from the 13th floor of an HDB block in Yishun.

Lee Wai Leong, 40, has been remanded at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) for psychiatric assessment.

His case is due to be mentioned in court on Feb 15.

Members of the public with any information on animal cruelty can contact the AVA on 1800- 476-1600.

The Animals and Birds Act was amended last year to toughen penalties against those convicted of animal cruelty.

The maximum penalty for doing an act which causes unnecessary pain or suffering to an animal is 18 months' jail and a $15,000 fine for a first conviction. The maximum penalty for subsequent convictions is three years' jail and a $30,000 fine.



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