Yishun teen death: Police to review interview procedure

SINGAPORE - The police announced today (Feb 1) that it will be reviewing its interview process on whether to allow "an appropriate adult" to be present when an accused minor is questioned.

This comes after a 14-year-old teenager jumped to his death on Jan 26 after he was taken in for questioning over a case of outrage of modesty the day before.

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14-year-old boy found dead at foot of HDB block in Yishun

He was pronounced dead at the foot of an Yishun HDB block where he lived.

According to the statement, the police revealed that officers went to conduct enquiries at a school based on CCTV evidence.

To keep the investigation discreet, five police officers went to the school in plain clothes and undermarked cars.

After discussing with the school officials and viewing CCTV records, the teenager, who was identified in the video, was brought to the principal's office by a school official.

The boy was spoken to in the presence of a police officer.

Before he was brought to Ang Mo Kio Division, the 14-year-old contacted his mother to inform her of the investigation. A police officer also spoke to his mother.

At Ang Mo Kio Division, the teen was interviewed by a investigation officer at his workstation in an open plan office with other workstations.

The police said the boy was fully cooperative during the interview.

After, he was released on bail, he went back with his mother.

Police said investigations have not been completed.

A Coroner's Inquiry will be held upon the conclusion of investigations, where all the relevant facts will be presented to the State Coroner.

At the inquiry, the family will also be able to raise all questions that they may have, said the police.

The police have expressed their deepest condolences to the family and called the teenager's passing "tragic".

They have met the family to address their questions on the case and provided clarifications on the actions of the officers during their interaction with their son.


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