You will definitely relate to the struggles faced riding the MRT in this animation by Edmund Chen's son

Commuting in Singapore is not the most pleasant experience that we all have to go through every day.

Yes, we are fortunate enough that our stations and trains are spick and span compared to other countries but the main problem for most is the unwelcome social interactions.

Cringe-worthy public displays of affection, being unable to escape body odour and feeling like your personal space is non-existent are just some of the things we deal with on a daily basis.

These same predicaments were excellently animated into a satirical comedy animation by a university team for a project. Called 'Jalan to the West', the 3-minute short was posted on Facebook on July 23 by Zuhairee Mohd, a member of the team.

Chen Yixi, the son of local artistes Edmund Chen and Xiang Yun, was also involved in the project.

The comedy follows one boy's journey to the far West of Singapore (Joo Koon) from Tampines.

Having to brave the smells, crowds, noise and being squashed, he finally reaches his destination "enlightened" having survived the worst the ride has to offer.

The short is a great piece of work and has since garnered over 3,300 reactions and over 4,000 shares thanks to the vast number of Singaporeans who can relate.

Well done, guys.