Young girl escapes serious injury after shoe got caught in between escalator steps

A young girl nearly got into a serious injury after her shoe got caught in between two escalator steps at a Buona Vista retail complex on Saturday, Sep 28, reported STOMP contributor Dehua.

Thankfully, her father managed to pull her out before she got her foot stuck at the edge of the escalator, which got jammed due to the foreign object lodged in between its steps.

In a phone interview with STOMP, STOMP contributor Dehua said:

"I was at my booth near an escalator in Star Vista when I suddenly heard a loud sound, followed by the cries of a young girl at about 3.25pm today [Saturday] (Sep 28).

"I went to take a look and realised that her shoe got stuck in between the escalator steps as she was reaching the top.

"The escalator also got jammed due to this incident.

"Thankfully, she was not injured. I pulled a chair from my booth to let her sit down and gave her some water.

"A while later, the police came down and spoke to the father.

"From what I heard, the shoe got trapped in between two steps just before it came to the escalator landing.

"Her father realised what had happened, and immediately pulled the girl out some two seconds before the shoe reached the edge of the escalator.

"I'm a parent-to-be, and this incident made me realise that an escalator can be dangerous.

"I thought those slip-on shoes were the only footwear at risks but the girl was wearing a shoe that got caught in between the steps.

"Given a choice, I'd carry my kid when we're on the escalator in future because they may not be aware of such a danger.

"I hope this can help highlight the potential dangers when standing an escalator -- it can happen to anyone, not just kids."

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