Youth Forum: Furthering impact of Budget

There has been much discussion over Budget 2014, specifically in relation to the Pioneer Generation Package. The new measures aim to take care of most of the health-care expenses of the pioneer generation for life.

Taken as a whole, Budget 2014 may be seen as a welcome shift towards increased social equity.

However, the Pioneer Generation Package is more than that.

It reminds younger Singaporeans of the uncertainty during the early days of our independence. It frames the pioneer generation in the context of stoic resilience, and not helplessness and dependence.

There is more the citizenry can do to further the impact of the Budget.

The pioneer generation's knowledge can be converted into powerful social tools.

As the progenitors of Singapore's landscape, they possess a collective body of invaluable experience that should be imparted to future generations. This can be done by compiling and disseminating these insights through public journals and magazines in a serial format.

Sweeping state policies must not be judged on their social impact alone. While it is understandable for one to be interested in measures that affect one's well-being, the public should also be well informed on schemes to raise productivity and increase innovation, among other things. Only then can the State receive useful feedback on its policies.

Sean Lim Zhan Hui, 20, intern at a law firm

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