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How to apply primer _ Makeup tricks

Username: Howcast

Keywords: tips, tricks, primer

I know that primers should be an essential part of anyone's make-up routine but I did not know that they come tinted in blue and green until I watched this video.

Blue-tinted primers make your face look brighter and green ones correct redness.

A darker-coloured primer also gives your face some colour if you're having an off day.

The make-up artist also suggests silicone-based primers if you want to minimise the appearance of pores and water-based primers for oily skin.

The video was just a little longer than three minutes but I learned a lot.

How To: Make Your Own Eyeshadow Primer

Username: Missglamorazzi

Keywords: How-to, homemade, primer, eyeshadow

Eyeshadow primers are vital for eyeshadow longevity.

This YouTuber utilises ingredients commonly found at home - unscented body butter, creamy concealer, foundation and a small container. Just mix them together.

The most impressive part of the video is that she showed how comparable the home-made primer is to the ones from Urban Decay and Nars by using swatches.

The primer definitely works although the vlogger admits that it probably does not stay on as long as the professional make-up brands'.

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