Singaporeans pick 28 brands for Superbrands accolade

PHOTO: Singaporeans pick 28 brands for Superbrands accolade

SINGAPORE - Consumers have chosen their favourite brands in the Superbrands programme 2013.

A total of 28 brands were chosen by 1,500 Singapore consumers in a study done by BDRC Asia.

Some of the brands chosen include Samsung, Royal Umbrella, Sheng Siong and The Straits Times.

Mark Pointe, CEO of Superbrands Singapore said: "The fact that these brands have been voted for by Singapore’s consumers as being their favourite brand, is a testament to the recognition and standing that these brands have in the local market. These are truly exceptional brands that are at the forefront of consumer consciousness”.

The research also revealed that most Singaporean consumers (74%) trusted brands which have been awarded the Superbrands accolade.

Superbrands is a programme for established consumer brands in Singapore. Participation in the Superbrands programme is strictly by invitation only. 

A special award was presented to The Straits Times, which was voted Singapore’s favourite newspaper ahead of seven other newspapers identified by the survey.

The survey results showed that The Straits Times achieved more than four times the total number of votes than it’s nearest rival.