Singapore's best late-night restaurants

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Got the midnight munchies in Singapore? Whether you're hungry for a curry after the Night Safari or want to catch up on that dessert you skipped earlier, check out these best late-night restaurants, cafes and dessert bars in the city-state that barely sleeps.

Keep reading to find a traditional recipe for chilli crab, Singapore style!

Oblong, 10 Maju Avenue

What to order: Waffles with weird toppings

You don't have to wait for brunch for your next waffle fix: grab your friends and head on over to Oblong for a truly satisfying late-night snack. The waffles at Oblong are delightfully fluffy and come in a variety of flavours, from good old classic buttermilk to the weird and wonderful bamboo charcoal. But the real winner is their red velvet waffles, which come with a delectable layer of luscious cream cheese ($4.70). Top it off with a scoop of earl grey lavender ice-cream and you'll soon be in dessert heaven!

Open 12.30pm-12am (Monday to Thursday); 12.30pm-2am (Friday to Saturday); 1pm-12am (Sunday).

Hoe Kee Porridge, Maxwell Food Centre, 1 Kadayanallur St

What to order: Traditional congee

Maxwell Food Centre is the place to head for late-night street food and if you want to try authentic Asian grub for under $5, it's hard to beat a big bowl of Cantonese porridge, or congee, at Hoe Kee. Try combinations of chicken, pork, fish and vegetables, or be daring and get your creamy porridge topped with a century egg - a Chinese delicacy preserved in salt, lime and ash for 4 to 5 weeks until it turns a dark shade of green! Interested in expanding your palette? Check out these food festivals for the tastiest local eats around the world.

Open daily 6.30am-1.30am.

The Book Cafe, 20 Martin Road

What to order: Eggs Benedict

Fancy some reading material with your late-night snack? For those who want to wind down from the day, The Book Cafe is a comfy option. Peruse plenty of magazines, books and newspapers while you slurp up salmon noodle soup, or chow down on a good ol' chicken burger with honey mustard. Have your breakfast late (or very early!) with all day breakfast classics like eggs Benedict and French toast. Bit of a bookworm? We're rounded up 22 amazing bookstores you can visit around the world.

Open Monday to Thursday 8am-10.30pm, Friday to Saturday 8am-12am, Sunday 8am-10.30pm.

O Comptoir, 79 Circular Road

What to order: Pancakes with panache

Whether you're a savoury galette person or a sweet-toothed crepe fan, you've got to agree that the French know how to make good pancakes (controversial?!) and there's nowhere better to grab a Gallic treat in Singapore than O Comptoir. Go for classic Breton buckwheat pancakes with Emmental cheese and ham, or if you're feeling locally-inspired, try their 'Chase the Spices' masala chicken creation ($16). For pudding, indulge in a stylish 'Coco Chanel' pancake, which combines pears, chocolate, almonds and Chantilly and pair it off with some traditional French cider or a glass of rose. O Comptoir is open very late at the weekends, perfect for those who wish to dine by candlelight.

Open 11am-12am Monday to Tuesday, 11am-2am Wednesday to Thursday, 11am-3am Friday to Saturday.

2am: dessertbar, 21A Lorong Liput, Holland Village

What to order: 'Shades of Green' pistachio sponge

Indulge in complete dessert decadence at 2am: dessertbar, where highly acclaimed Chef Janice Wong's artful touch produces elegant and unique creations. Marrying chocolate and popping candy with pandan gula melaka custard and pistachio sponge in 'Shades of Green', these divine concoctions are made to impress. But the real show-stopper has got to be the luxurious Truffle Infinity ($23), which features layers of truffle chocolate mousse, caramel, cocoa sorbet, basil and hazelnut nougatine. Each dessert is also nicely paired with a wine on their menu, making them the perfect adults-only sweet treat. A savoury menu featuring pulled pork and kimichi (Korean preserved vegetables) is also on hand for those who prefer mains.

Open 6pm-2am Monday to Saturday.

Pint & Curries, Clarke Quay, 3D River Valley Road

What to order: Chicken tikka masala and an ale

If you've been partying hard in Clarke Quay's boisterous clubbing area, you'll be pleased to know this small gastropub is open 'til 4am on weekends. Styled in the British-Indian tradition of beer and tikka masala, Pint & Curries delivers on good value, full-flavour Indian dishes, including favourites such as butter chicken and a fiery vindaloo, starting from $12 a plate. They also have an impressive offering of international craft ales - hipsters be pleased to see Scottish export, Brewdog IPA on the menu.

Open Wednesday to Thursday 5pm-2am, Friday to Saturday 5pm-4am, Sunday 5pm-2am.

Udders, 246D Upper Thomson Road

What to order: Ice cream with a kick

Craving ice-cream before bed? We hear you! Udders is famed for their adventurous, artisanal and simply mind-boggling selection of flavours. Boozy favourites include 'Bailey's & Bourbon' and 'Rum Rum Raisin'. For ice-cream with a local twist, go for their 'D24 Durian and Botak Coconut Sherbet'. And chocoholics rejoice: the 'Snickers Mars Honeycomb Vanilla' is sheer, ecstatic melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

Open 12pm-1am Monday to Thursday, 12pm-2am Friday to Sunday.

Vanilla Bar & Cafe, 3 Boon Tat Street, 01-01

What to order: Finger food followed by 'dirt' cake

Cosy cafe by day, cocktail bar by night, this charming Japanese fusion joint is the best of both worlds, with finger food favourites like bacon and enoki skewers and popcorn chicken starting from $5.90 a dish. Dessert lovers will find plenty here to satisfy, with selections like sticky toffee pudding and molten chocolate cake with French vanilla ice cream. The most popular item on their menu also happens to be the quirkiest: a delectable vanilla 'dirt cake' served in a flower pot($9.50)! Extra points awarded for their creative coffees (Lavender Honey Macchiato, anyone?) - just go for the decaf option if you're stopping in late.

Open 10.30am-11pm Monday to Thursday, 11am-12am Friday, 11am-9pm Saturday.

Want to take a little slice of Singapore home with you? Try this recipe for sour and spicy chilli crab that even makes use of standard cupboard ingredients like tomato ketchup!

Main ingredients:

2-2.5 lb crab
3 tablespoons oil
3 garlic cloves, grated or crushed
1 inch fresh ginger, grated or finely chopped
1 1/2 tablespoons cornstarch + 2 tablespoons water (mix well)
1 egg, beaten
Salt to taste
12 steamed buns or mantou

For the sour and spicy sauce:

5 tablespoons ketchup
5 tablespoons hot sauce (try your nearest Asian supermarket for Lingham's)
1 heaping tablespoon oyster sauce
1 tablespoon Chinese rice wine
1/2 teaspoon Chinese rice vinegar or lime juice to taste
8 fluid ounces water


Ask your fishmonger to drain and cut the crab into 6 pieces.

Mix all the ingredients in the sour and spicy sauce in a small bowl. Set aside.

Heat up the oil in a wok and add the garlic and ginger, stir frying until slightly brown. Add the crab into the wok, stirring for about 10 seconds. Add the Sour and Spicy Sauce, stir to blend well with the crab. Cover the wok with its lid and let cook for about 4-5 minutes.

Uncover and slowly add the cornstarch mixture into the sauce, then stir until the sauce thickens. Stir the egg into the sauce so it's well mixed and cook for another 30 seconds or so, adding salt if needed. Serve immediately with the steaming hot buns.


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