Singapore's first fast food satay outlet opens at Parkway Parade

SINGAPORE - This is a no-mess, smoke-free satay with no threatening carcinogenic burnt bits, and served with accompaniments and sauce in a takeaway cup.

Here comes fastfood satay, probably the first in Singapore by Sataycup, after it opened its central kitchen in Ubi last year.

It launched its first franchise outlet at Food Republic food court at Parkway Parade mall today.

Curious shoppers formed a quick queue during lunch time to check out the new-fangled skewered meats, which were cooked in a clean, high-heat induction cooker instead of the traditional charcoal grill, which can produce copious amounts of smoke.

The chicken, beef and mutton satays were cooked in less than two minutes, but the waiting time would depend on the length of the queue. A vegetarian option with mushroom and other veggies is also available.

The satays were served in a plastic cup together with ketupat rice cakes, cucumber slices and peanut sauce.

Five sticks of the chunky chicken satays, using thigh meat, cost $3.90. That is also the opening promotional price for beef and mutton, which would cost $4.20 for five sticks subsequently.

Taste-wise, the fastfood version still managed to retain all the spice flavours of the meat marinade and the peanut sauce. But some might lament the lack of burnt, fatty edges of old-world satays.

But it's definitely a laudable update, with little fat, better quality meat, no msg, no preservatives or fillers.


#B1-K1 Food Republic, Parkway Parade

80 Marine Parade Road

Singapore 449269