Singapore's first frozen custard store opens

A "super-premium ice cream" has arrived here from the US, courtesy of Singaporean brother-sister team J.R. Wong and Sherlyn Wong.

While studying for his degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Illinois, food enthusiast J.R. discovered frozen custard and immediately made it his mission to bring it to Singapore.

Frozen custard, invented in New York in 1919, is categorised by the US Department of Agriculture as a super-premium ice cream, ahead of premium hard-scoops and gelatos, because of its low overrun (percentage increase in volume after air incorporation) and high butterfat content.

According to a statement from the Wong siblings' frozen custard brand Density, the low overrun is made possible through the unique churning process during the manufacturing of frozen custard.

"It is a finicky process of integrating as little air as possible to achieve superior texture and mouthfeel, and the overrun ranges from as low as 10-20 per cent in frozen custard," the statement said.

"In comparison, this is significantly lower than other forms of frozen desserts: 25 to 45 per cent in a premium gelato, 25 to 65 per cent in a typical premium/gourmet hard scoop ice cream and 40-110 per cent in soft serves and frozen yoghurt."

Frozen custard also requires less sugar in the making - which means fewer calories.

Density claims that its frozen custard contains half the amount of sugar of a regular frozen yoghurt.

The dessert ($4, $7, or $9.50) is served in three flavours - Madagascan Vanilla Bean, a chocolate-based flavour and the daily special - on any one day. Signature flavours include Buttered Popcorn, Red Velvet, and Black Forest.

Toppings and sauces cost an additional $1 and $0.50 respectively. Customers can also opt for affogato, for $7.50.

Density opens daily from noon to 12am. The 40-seat cafe is located along Short Street, near the Rochor area.