Singdollar reaches 7-year high against Aussie dollar

SINGAPORE - The Singdollar rose to a new high against the Australian dollar yesterday (Feb 11). 

At 5.05pm local time on Feb 11, the currencies stood at S$1 to A$1.0267, according to Bloomberg data. 

According to Today, this is the highest in seven years that the Singdollar is marked against the Aussie dollar . The last time the Singdollar was at this mark was in 2009. 

At 4.20pm, there was a spike reaching A$1.0206 up from A$1.0118 at 3.45pm. At 4.40pm, it climbed further to A$1.0260 before coming down again at A$1.0216 as of 6pm.

A check today (Feb 12) at around noon shows S$1 to A$1.0080.