Single people and families find their own way to celebrate love

PETALING JAYA - While couples go all out to declare their love for each other today with roses, chocolates or candle-lit dinners, some singletons aren't going to wallow in self-pity.

Instead, they will be celebrating single-hood in their own special way this Valentine's Day.

Social media manager Brendon Lee said although it's the perfect occasion for couples to go all lovey-dovey with each other, singles need not be home alone glumly streaming movies on the Internet.

"There are so many things you can enjoy too. One of the cinemas is offering strawberry popcorn on Valentine's Day and I'm going to get my hands on that while enjoying my movie!" he said.

Not to be overshadowed by people who are in a relationship, singleton Saw Kent Wyn cheekily updated his "boyfriend-for-rent" advertisement on Facebook.

This past Chinese New Year, 27-year-old Saw made sure he stood out in a market of "rentable boyfriends" by extending his irreverent "service" until Valentine's Day.

Now, the partnership strategist at an F&B technology start-up is at it again and is "available" at a special price of RM52 (S$16.70) for up to 45 minutes or RM520 for a day.

"This is a special price because RM520 is a code for 'I love you' in Chinese. I'm slightly more expensive now," he joked.

Saw said his joke went down well with his family last Chinese New Year and his relatives poked fun at him when he arrived alone for the reunion dinner.

"This time, they were asking me why I 'priced' myself so low. I told them it's actually the market price in China," he said.

Among his finer qualities listed in the ad were his ability to cook rice, maintaining ships (RelationSHIPS) and being good at cuddling.

While this is all done in jest, Saw, who is still looking for "the one", said it would be nice if his advertisement drew in that special someone.

"For her, every day would be Valentine's Day," he quipped.

For families, it's about sharing their love for each other.

Sales assistant Warren Pangilinan said he is looking forward to sharing a nice family dinner with his wife and two children.

"Every year, my son and I will present a rose each to my wife but since we welcomed a baby girl last year, she will get a rose from each of us," he said.