Skater Kim Yu-na’s costume sparks dispute

SOUTH KOREA - South Korean designer Ahn Geu-mi found herself in hot water after netizens criticised her custom-made costume for top figure skater Kim Yu-na.

In the 2013 Golden Spin of Zagreb in Croatia held on Friday, Kim put on a yellow dress designed by Ahn. When the show ended, some Korean netizens criticised the design of the dress, comparing it to "a pickled radish."

As a torrent of attacks hit the designer's blog, Ahn was forced to suspend it.

"It is the competition that is important, not the dress." said Kim regarding the dispute.

After a nine-month hiatus resulting from a foot injury, the Olympic champion scored a total 204.49 points, receiving 73.37 and 131.12 points in the short and free programs, respectively.