Skewed data on hospital admissions?

Skewed data on hospital admissions?

The Ministry of Health's letter ("Standard B1 plan: Health Ministry replies"; Wednesday) said "two-thirds of all admissions in Singapore are to B2/C class wards".

Consumption will always be skewed against goods and services in lower supply. In this case, as there are far fewer A/B1 class wards, consumption will naturally be skewed towards B2/C class wards.

Has the ministry done any research on which ward classes the users of hospital services actually prefer?

For patients with Integrated Shield Plans, it does not matter whether they choose A/B1 or B2/C class wards as the deductible and co-payment portions are all out-of-pocket expenses. There is really no compelling reason for them to chose B2/C class wards over A/B1 class wards.

Chan Chong Leong

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