Skiing-Vonn's dogs bite hand that feeds them

Lindsey Vonn needed medical treatment after being bitten by her dogs, the skier said on Saturday.

Vonn posted a video on Twitter of her bloodied right hand, the result, she said, of an attempt to break up a fight between her two canine companions.

The major wound appeared to be on her thumb. "So the story is that my dogs got rowdy fighting over a dang Frisbee and I tried to break it up but got bit instead. Fun weekend," she tweeted.

Vonn, 31, has two dogs, named Leo and Bear, that she adopted from a rescue shelter.

She is still recuperating from a broken ankle suffered in a fall in New Zealand nearly three months ago.

The winner of 67 World Cup races has missed the start of the season but expects to return to competition by the end of the month.