Sleek, sexy and Serena C

PHOTO: Sleek, sexy and Serena C

Thousands of Klang Valley dwellers wake up to Serena C's crunchy voice and punchy jokes every morning. Her thriving 9-year radio career has not only allowed her to extend her reach into TV, but it has also made Serena C a household name here in Malaysia.

This is all thanks to her eloquence, innate star quality and endless self-reinvention. Turning 30 this year, Serena C is showing no sign of stopping; she is as much a workaholic as before, buys more shoes than ever and is arguably Malaysia's blondest celebrity.

In between her chock-a-block activities, Serena C has managed to renovate and redecorate her 3-bedroom condominium, turning it into an idyllic, chic and stylish living space many single women can only dream about. Serena graciously invited StarProperty to her New York inspired condominium, letting us take a sneak peek into her trendsetting home and fabulous lifestyle.

What's your daily routine like?

I wake up at 4.30am every day because my daily radio show, Breakfast Show, starts at 6am. The show finishes at 10am, and right after that I would normally go for recording sessions until 12 noon. Lunch is until 2pm and then off I go for emcee job meetings with potential clients until 6pm. If I am still alive by then, I will hit the gym at 7pm. By 8pm onwards I will be attending events or just having a chill-out down time at home.

What is your secret to keep energised and refreshed?

Powernaps and loads of water!

What's the best and worst thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is that I get to talk to people, dig into their heads and Interact! Hopefully my show serves as worthy companions on your drive to work. The worst thing about my job is having to wake up at 4.30am.

What projects are you working on now other than hosting?

Besides world domination? I love traveling. I also love interior design. Based on those 2 interests, I am exploring my options as to what I can develop. Will keep you posted!

Ambitious. How would you personally describe the style of your condominium?

I'm really bad at describing my stuff but I have been told that my condo channels a industrial minimalist style, because it is predominantly white and grey. There is also a hint of pop culture, which is indicated by the iconic SMEG red fridge.

What kind of look did you try to achieve with this style?

I wanted a loft but didn't get one, so I "created" a lofty effect with concrete inspired walls and no plaster ceilings to maximize the wall-ceiling space. I also knocked down all the walls that they would let me knock down to create a bigger space.

Did you get any help from an interior designer or professional decorator?


You've done a wonderful job. What was your inspiration?

New York's meatpacking district.

What are your most favourite items in the house?

My grey walls! I also like the mini-chandelier in the toilets, the Phillipe Starck Louis Ghost Chairs and the SMEG red fridge.

Share with us the dos & donts when it comes to renovating and redecorating.

Focus on a central theme; take your time when it comes to selecting the right paint, lights and furniture. Pick those that suit your theme, but never be hasty and get everything you think is cool all at once, because in the end they will just clutter and confuse the identity of the space.

Great advice. Any favourite shops in Kuala Lumpur?

Robinsons at The Gardens always great bargains for quality bed linens. I go to IKEA for basics functional pieces and XTRA for one or two indulgent pieces.

For some surprising finds, I go to Barang Barang. I found a marble slab with a single sheet of glass mounted as my coffee table at a very good deal here.

Also, Home Precinct on Level 6 Pavilion is amazing. Although I may not be able to afford most of the pieces here, browsing in this shop never fails to make me happy.

Do you have any furniture / furnishing item that you still want to add to your house?

I'm still looking for the perfect light for my master bedroom.

What are the main factors one should consider when buying a property?

For me, it is the location, developer's credibility, density, floor plan and design, amenities and of course, the price.

Would you consider investing in a landed property or another condominium in the future?

If I had millions I'd buy 10 for investment - landed and otherwise!