Slow day? Here's how to look busy at work

PHOTO: Slow day? Here's how to look busy at work

Is it another slow and dreary day at the office for you?

For most office folk, working in front of the screen all day, every day, can be more tiring than work itself. While it is okay to b e relaxed at certain times, one must be careful not to look like they are slacking off too much or having too  much fun.

Sometimes, it can also be dangerous if you look too approachable to colleagues and bosses in the office.

If you don't know how to tell your managers that you are drowning in work and should not be given any more of it, or if  you simple are taking things slow for the day, here are some tips to help you look busy even when you are not.

Above all things, do remember to get your work done in time and voice out any concerns to your managers if the workload becomes too demanding.