Something's wrong with this costume

A group of revellers looking for a laugh during Halloween turned to the tragic subject of crashed Asiana Airlines Flight 214.

The Boeing 777 jet crashed and burst into flames in July as it landed short of the runway at San Francisco International Airport, killing two people and injuring 182 others.

The flight had 307 people - 291 passengers and 16 crew - on board when it left Seoul.

The aircraft apparently struck a rocky area at the water's edge, short of the runway at the airport.

The Halloween revellers dressed themselves up in crew and captain's uniforms during the weekend at a party at Montbleu Casino and Resort in Lake Tahoe, Nevada in the US, the Mail Online reported.

They also covered the uniforms with fake blood.

Their prank has drawn online backlash for showing a lack of sensitivity towards the tragedy.

The dark joke also included fake labels of the mock Asian crew names infamously shown on live television by a San Francisco TV station.

"Capt. Sum Ting Wong," read a man's bloody, tattered captain's uniform in a photo posted on Instagram by user PREpresents.

The man wore a flight captain's hat and a big smile. The back of his shirt read: "Capt. Wi Tu Lo".

These were the fake names posted in a pranked news segment by staff at local San Francisco television station KTVU after the crash.

"Hahaha wow man," replied Instagram user dtm_photography. "I say it's the best costume I've seen this year!!!' But the man in the PREpresents' picture was not the only one to come up with the controversial costume.

A trio of men at a Chicago gay bar costume party got together over the weekend, according to AngryAsianMan, a blog about Asian Americans, and their costumes were similarly themed.

Each of them wore a flight crew-type outfit, make-up that looked like injuries and the same name tags.

The AngryAsianMan blog claimed that the men were actually flight attendants for US airlines, but that could not be independently confirmed.

The blogger wrote: "I really hope they don't show up to work dressed like this on Halloween."

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