SoShiok's picks for Mother's Day 2016

Shang Palace

Here's a treat all mothers will love - not only is it sumptuous, it is also healthy and beautifying at the same time.

This year, Shang Palace's Master Chef Steven Ng has created a special Complexion Enhancing menu that is good for both your tastebuds and your complexion.

For a super luxe dining experience, treat mummy dearest to the Beauty Complexion Claypot ($198) meant for four people (but in reality enough for six). The rich broth with succulent soft pork ribs and melt-in-the-mouth roast pork is enhanced by nature's most valuable treasures such as bird's nest, abalone, sea cucumber, fish lips, fish maw, snow fungus and other beautifying ingredients.

If your mum has a sweet tooth, the Double-boiled Hashima with Pearl Powder and Snow Fungus served in Whole Coconut ($38) is a must-try. This hot dessert has generous amounts of coconut and anti-ageing pearl powder, and is boiled to just the right consistency. Mom's skin will definitely appreciate the pampering it receives from this dish!

And while you're at it, do also order the Deep Fried Mango and Prawn Roll, which is a delightful combination of springy prawns and sweet mango wrapped in a crisp and light sesame-coated skin.

Shang Palace's one-off a la carte menu is available from April 25 to May 31 ($38 to $198), while a separate seven-course Mother's Day set menu ($128 per person) is available only on May 7 and 8.

Legendary Hong Kong

If your mum loves Hong Kong cuisine, take her to Legendary Hong Kong for a classic cha chaan teng experience.

The restaurant is decked with a decor similar to those you'll find at Hong Kong's traditional cafes, but the menu is much more sumptuous.

It features six quintessential types of Hong Kong dining: roasted meats, noodles and congee, dim sum, drinks and bakery items, cart noodles, and desserts.

Do try the famous roast duck - world-renowned Irish Silver Hill ducks painstakingly roasted over charcoal. The result is succulent and tender meat beneath the perfectly crisp skin.

(Photo: Legendary Hong Kong)

Another must-try is the roast pork belly with its crackling crisp skin that is paired with a mustard dip, the traditional Hong Kong way of eating the dish.

Noodle fans will be in for a treat as the chef who used to make noodles at the famous Mak's Noodle is now at Legendary Hong Kong.

Keeping with the Hong Kong tradition, the chef insists on making only traditional wonton filled with shrimp and not pork, served in a clear and tasty broth.

And, what's Hong Kong cuisine without dim sum? Choose from an extensive range of items including crowd favourites Thick Rice Roll with Deep-fried Shrimp Spring Roll and Sauteed Turnip Cake with XO Sauce & Egg.

Complete your culinary adventure with tong shui - sweet treats such as ice-cream bo lo bao, Hong Kong Milk Tea Pudding and Mango, Pomelo and Sago Cream are surely a delightful way to end this unique Mother's Day meal.

Oh, and don't miss the special milk tea - it's made with specially imported tea leaves and other ingredients from Hong Kong. After finding that none of the tea blended in Singapore produces the same bitter-sweet aftertaste as those in Hong Kong, the chef decided to blend his tea in Hong Kong before importing the ingredients here.

Safra members can get a 10 per cent discount every day, while servicemen (SAF 11B) can get a 10 per cent discount from Sundays to Thursdays. This promotion is not valid on the eve of public holidays and on public holidays.

Dine between 2.30pm and 5.30pm on weekdays (except public holidays) to enjoy a 30 per cent discount off dim sum items.

Those taking part in Jurong Point Shopping Centre's Mum, I Love You contest this weekend may also win dining vouchers from Legendary Hong Kong!

DIY bacon roses

What's better than a bouquet of roses for mum this Mother's Day?

A bouquet of edible ones!

Check out the video below to learn how you can make a bouquet of beautiful and delicious roses out of bacon and spinach leaves. You can probably tweak the recipe to use other ingredients to suit your mum's liking.