SoShiok's Pizza Girl: How you eat pizza may reveal your personality type

SoShiok's Pizza Girl: How you eat pizza may reveal your personality type

How you eat your pizza can say a lot about your personality.

A report by women's magazine Cosmopolitan suggests that there are four pizza-eating personality types: Drivers, Influencers, Supporters, and Careful Correctors.

The report was based on research done by body language expert Patti Wood, who categorised people into the four groups according to how they perform their everyday actions.

Cosmopolitan then used the same research to study the different ways people eat pizza - folding it, eating the cornicione (not crust) first, using a fork and knife or biting right into it.

But, as Ms Wood said, everyone has a combination of the four personality type she identified, not just one.

"Usually, though, there tends to be one that comes to the forefront just a bit more," she said.

Pizza Girl says

Personally, I have trouble singling out my dominant trait via the pizza-eating test because I use all four techniques pretty evenly, and they all depend on the situation.

I fold it when the slice is too large. I eat the cornicione first when the toppings are really good so I can save the best for last. I use a fork and knife in a fine-dining restaurant (unless I happen to be in New York City, where it's considered a sin to use utensils to eat pizza). I bite right into it when I'm really hungry.

Is there one technique you usually stick to? Find out if Cosmopolitan's categorisation and analysis of your personality type is true in the gallery below.

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