SoShiok's Pizza Girl: Weirdest pizza toppings from around the world

Pizza is an universal constant, but its toppings often vary with regions and eccentricity.

From guinea pigs to poison, you'd be surprised - and possibly confused - by some of the things people from around the world have thought to put on a pizza.

Some toppings are downright bizarre. Others are simply adaptations of local culinary tastes which may seem too wild for the unaccustomed.

Guinea pigs, for instance, have been a traditional staple in the Andean region of South America for centuries. While finding rodent meat on a pizza is not unusual in countries such as Peru and Ecuador, we'd be freaking out if we saw something like that here.

There are also toppings that don't make sense - who'd order a pizza topped with venom from spiders, scorpions and snakes? According to a restaurant owner in Zurich, his toxic invention was popular with people who were trying to overcome their phobias of spiders or snakes.

Enter the weird world of pizza toppings in the gallery below.