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JI Leader Escape Guards were negligent, says MM
MM Lee shared his views on the escape of Mas Selamat Kastari and complacency in an e-mail interview with The Straits Times. -AsiaOne
JI Leader Escape Jokes, videos...There's even a 'PAC-MAT'
MAS Selamat Kastari has gone from dastardly to funny. He has been featured in jokes, games and gimmicks. -The New Paper
JI Leader Escape 'Mas Selama', my Facebook friend
He's everywhere. Or at least, his picture is everywhere. -The New Paper
JI Leader Escape Mas Selamat in E. Java? Not true
The Jakarta Post reported that Indonesia's most-wanted terrorist Noordin Mat Top and fugitive Mas Selamat Kastari are seeking refuge in Tuban, East Java. -ST
Manhunt uses database of hideouts, terrain
A DATABASE containing information such as the location of abandoned buildings is being used in the manhunt for escaped terrorist Mas Selamat Kastari. -ST
MHA will render full account
THE headline, 'Some findings about escape won't be revealed' in Monday's Straits Times, is misleading. -ST
JI Leader Escape More than 50 areas searched
The dragnet to uncover Mas Selamat is probably even more extensive than what is known to the public as many of these operations are conducted discreetly.
JI Leader Escape Jungle diet will make him gaunt
He may have pulled a 'Survivor', where the contestants shrivel till they are almost unrecognisable, from eating mostly foods foraged on beaches or in jungles. -TNP
JI Leader Escape S'poreans united in hunt for Mas Selamat: Minister
Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng says home team spirit is more alive in such an adversity. -ST
JI Leader Escape Some findings about escape won't be revealed
Inquiry demands a thorough examination of the ISD centre. -ST
Network of 'trip wires' left in areas combed by police
DETECTION measures are in place in the forested areas of Singapore, just in case escaped fugitive Mas Selamat Kastari ventures back to jungles the police have already combed. -ST
Hardline cleric who 'recruited' Mas Selamat
JAKARTA - TWO years after he was freed from an Indonesian prison, Abu Jibril is busier than ever. -ST
JI Leader Escape We need more loos, please
Lack of toilets at the causeway because of the Mas Selamat searches may have a devastating effect on drivers' health. -ST
JI Leader Escape Massive jam at Causeway causing big losses, says chamber
JOHOR BARU, MALAYSIA - Thousands of heavy vehicles have been stuck for as long as 38 hours at the Singapore checkpoint, delaying the transportation of goods. -The Star
Company offers $50k for capture of Mas Selamat
A LABOUR-SUPPLY company has put a bounty of $50,000 on escaped terrorist Mas Selamat Kastari's head. -ST
JI Leader Escape Cops raid Jurong dorm
The hunt for escaped JI leader widened as police raided foreign workers' dormitories along Penjuru Road. -TNP
Ex-cop goes on solo search
WHEN Jemaah Islamiah detainee Mas Selamat Kastari escaped, Mr Davy Chan could not sit still.
Install portable loos to ease Causeway wait
I REFER to the report, 'S'pore manhunt holds up travellers' (March 11) and suggest the authorities set up portable toilets beside the jams leading to the Causeway.
JI Leader Escape 'I think I saw Mas Selamat'
A Straits Times reader describes what she saw on Thomson Road an hour after detainee escaped. -ST
JI Leader Escape Resemblance to terrorist gets him dirty looks
40-year-old man who wanted to be known only as Mr Halim, is afraid to go out for fear of being mistaken for wanted terrorist Mas Selamat.
S'poreans get A+ for response on Mas Selamat's escape: Swee Say
He said people worked as one, without any finger-pointing, to search for the former chief of the Singapore JI cell. -ST
Workers' Party calls for full disclosure on probe into Mas Selamat's escape
Ms Sylvia Lim, a Non-constituency MP, said many questions have been raised about how escape could have taken place 'in a country which prides itself on safety and security.'
JI Leader Escape S'pore manhunt holds up travellers
JOHOR BARU, MALAYSIA - INCREASED security at the Singapore checkpoint due to the escape of terrorist Mas Selamat Kastari has caused massive traffic jams, distressing Causeway commuters and turning away visitors.
JI Leader Escape Bus driver charged for giving false information
He is said to have called 999, saying he saw fugitive JI leader Mas Selamat Kastari on a Trans-Island Bus. -ST
JI Leader Escape Mas Selamat: Govt still not sure how he got away
There is a good chance that the escaped JI detainee will be caught if he is still in S'pore, as the security agencies believe is the case -ST
More than 10 illegal immigrants nabbed in dragnet for Mas Selamat
OFFENDERS that would have been nabbed by the authorities sooner or later are being caught earlier in the continuing islandwide dragnet for terrorist fugitive Mas Selamat Kastari. -ST
'Let's close ranks' to deal with Mas Selamat's escape: PM Lee
S'pore's PM Lee spoke for the first time on the issue.
What is Mas Selamat's breaking point?
HIS spirit might be willing, but if Mas Selamat Kastari is still holed up in the jungle, his flesh may soon start to weaken. -ST
Man gives false information on Mas Selamat to get rewards
Bus driver, 50, told the police that 'Mas Selamat' had boarded his bus and alighted at a stop along Lentor Avenue. -ST

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JI Leader Escape
Manhunt for JI escapee widens
100 army personnel were activated to boost police resources as security in schools were also beefed up.
JI Leader Escape
Shock for Goldhill residents
Goldhill residents were surprised by patrol teams of the police force's elite thronging their estate late yesterday afternoon.
Who is Mas Selamat Kastari?
  • He was Singapore's most wanted man when he was on the run from December 2001 to February 2006.
  • Former head of Jemaah Islamiah (JI) terrorist cell here.
  • Wanted to crash a hijacked plane into Changi Airport. Other targets: US personnel and naval vessels, the Defence Ministry, water pipelines from Malaysia, US Embassy and the American Club.
  • Joined Singapore JI around 1992. Had military training in Afghanistan in 1993. Returned in 1998 to study Taliban system of government.
  • After 2001 crackdown, went on run to different places in South-east Asia.
  • Arrested in Tanjong Pinang, Indonesia, in 2003. In and out of jail until final arrest in 2006 in Java. Deported to Singapore soon after that.