SM & MM's move to step down 'good for party renewal'
Residents acknowledged the national contributions of the two former prime ministers, but felt their decision to quit the Cabinet was wise and good for party-leadership renewal.

Her resignation was in anticipation of an increased workload as an MP, she said in a statement released to the meda.
Local news sources said Mr Tan felt betrayed by the WP decision to nominate Gerald Giam for the NCMP position. Mr Tan himself expressed 'disappointment' in a statement yesterday:
The Workers' Party has confirmed that 34-year-old Gerald Giam, its assistant webmaster, will take up its second Non-Constituency Member of Parliament seat.
Outgoing Senior Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed said that it is unlikely that he will stand for the next election.
Transformation of the PAP has to manifest itself in substance and not just in words, Mrs Lim Hwee Hua said yesterday as she announced her departure from politics.
Singapore's outgoing Foreign Minister speaks to media for the first time after his electoral loss at Aljunied at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The 2011 General Election has been termed by many to be an "Internet election". For the first time in Singapore, political parties were allowed to use social media to reach out to voters.
One is from the opposition, while one hails from the ruling party. Find out what plans Pritam Singh and Tin Pei Ling have after their victories.
Although he lost in this GE, Mr Chiam said he planned to contest in the next election five years from now. We recall Mr Chiam's political career in photos.
PAP wins 81 out of 87 seats, but loses Aljunied GRC to WP - the first time an opposition party has managed to win in a GRC. -AsiaOne
But none of the three winners, including SPP's Mrs Lina Chiam, have confirmed they will be taking up the posts. -AsiaOne
PM Lee says now is the time for healing and for acceptance of the people's decisions. -AsiaOne
Only a few hundred votes separated the winners from the losers in two SMCs. Mrs Lina Chiam of SPP lost Potong Pasir to PAP's Sitoh Yih Pin by 114 votes or 0.7%. PAP veteran Charles Chong won Joo Chiat SMC by just 2%. -AsiaOne
Almost half of all eligible Singapore voters have cast their votes as of 12 noon today, according to a statement from the elections department.
A video showing NSP candidate Nicole Seah crying has sparked off comparisons with other politicians who have also broken down in tears on the campaign trail.
Almost half of all eligible Singapore voters have cast their votes as of 12 noon today, according to a statement from the elections department.
George Yeo says ruling party must do this after he faces widespread unhappiness, anger and resentment from Aljunied voters. The need for change is also a message in WP's final rallies.
On Wednesday night, PM Lee Hsien Loong engaged in a one-hour web chat on Facebook which saw him receiving over 6,000 questions and comments. On Thursday evening, he posted more responses.
PM Lee explains why he apologised on Tuesday for the mistakes the govt has made and talks about the reaction to the apology.
For the first time in S'pore's election history, online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums and YouTube are important information sources for voters.
We know him as the man in the hot seat in the hottest ward this GE. But how's Foreign Affairs Minister & PAP's Aljunied GRC team leader George Yeo like at home?
He says govt could have moved faster to address housing, transport woes.
See SPP's Chaim See Tong, the longest-serving opposition MP, and PAP's Lee Kuan Yew, post-independence S'pore's first PM and current MM, as they hit the campaign trail.
Party posters were ripped, vehicles vandalised. In the latest case, the PAP lodged a police report yesterday after one of its vehicles was vandalised.
The candidate rolls out eight core plans for Mountbatten. The 48-year-old lawyer is up against PAP candidate Lim Biow Chuan.
Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew spoke to the media after meeting People's Action Party activists in Radin Mas on Saturday.
SDP candidate for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC Tan Jee Say spoke to reporters during house visits in the constituency.
She's ready to fight her own battles for the election - clearly not the "xiao mei mei" (Chinese for little sister) that her critics make her out to be.
12 candidates aged 29 and below are contesting in the upcoming election, making this the largest slate of young candidates entering the political fray in recent times.
PAP leaders up the ante on Aljunied GRC. MM Lee challenges WP to show its "Shadow Cabinet". SM Goh warns S'poreans that a PAP loss there will dent quality of govt. Foreign Minister George Yeo wants WP to show plans for Aljunied GRC.
The New Paper followed her as she met S'poreans on the MRT, and prepared for her first rally.
Former MP Chin Harn Tong was the second last speaker at the PAP rally at Serangoon Stadium last night.
Supporters and members of the public turned out in droves across the island to listen to campaigning candidates. We bring you the day's action in pictures.
Parties contesting in the upcoming General Election made their first of two political broadcasts on Thursday night. The PAP, fielding the most number of candidates, made the longest broadcast.
Dr Vincent Wijeysingha shakes hands with Ms Sim Ann before sparks flew, a PAP supporter faints from the heat and many more.
He cited strong voter support from Aljunied in 2006.
Tanjong Pagar GRC is the only walkover for the PAP, with Punggol East SMC the only 3-corner fight.
PAP team said issue was "not (Dr) Wijeysingha's sexual orientation... The video raises the question on whether he will now pursue this cause in the political arena..." SDP said that PAP was trying to throw a 'smoke bomb'.
He said he was doing this in order to avoid a three-cornered fight.
Debate on public housing - a hot-button issue for the coming GE - between the ruling party and the opposition has intensified.
Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew urged S'poreans to vote for men and women of proven character and track records, so as not to jeopardise what the country has achieved.
NSP's youngest candidate also had the company of her parents, brother, boyfriend and around 10 Facebook fans during her walkabout at Aljunied Avenue 2.
Debate on public housing - a hot-button issue for the coming GE - between the ruling party and the opposition has intensified.
NSP's Nicole Seah and PAP's Tin Pei Ling have been in the spotlight lately. Both are good-looking young women, their respective party's youngest candidates and standing as part of a GRC team in Marine Parade.
Education Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen from the People's Action Party asked opposition parties to give voters a real choice by forming an alternative govt.
A press conference at a coffee shop might be ideal. But, the Reform Party had not reckoned with one unhappy coffee shop 'aunty', who said the party had not "booked tables" for the event.
May 7 is Polling Day. S'poreans will cast their votes for MPs to represent them in Parliament. Check out this FAQ for answers to questions you may have about GE 2011.
From familiar faces to new ones, the normally quiet Elections Department was a hive of activity as potential candidates streamed in to pick up forms for the upcoming General Election.
They are researcher Angela Faye Oon, 32, businessman Yaw Shing Leong, 34, polytechnic lecturer L. Somasundaram, 48, and business consultant John Yam, 48.
Mr Mah Bow Tan says the WP's proposal to price new HDB flats much lower than current levels will devalue existing flats.
The 11th Singapore Parliament was dissolved on April 19, with the announcement made through a government gazette issued by President S R Nathan in the afternoon.
There will be nine days of campaigning and an extra Cooling-Off Day after Nomination Day on April 27.
PM Lee Hsien Loong, who is also PAP Secretary-General, added
that half of the party's new candidiates have the potential to be "more than backbenchers over time".
Despite the harsh online criticism, PAP's youngest candidate has claimed that she is able to empathise with Singaporeans and the pressures they face.
Socialist Front's secretary-general Chia Ti Lik said that the party will not be contesting because it wants to avoid causing three-cornered fights.
In response to criticisms, WP chairman Sylvia Lim told reporters that the party believed in transparency and wanted "to be seen as a serious party".
A man who claimed to be a former Serangoon resident waylaid Mrs Lim as she made her way about Chomp Chomp Food Centre at the launch of a scheme to maintain prices.
Priority for housing, transport and education matters goes to those who have supported the government.
Previously, only candidates who were returned unopposed were allowed to address their supporters at Nomination Centre on Nomination Day.
The 76-year-old MP for Potong Pasir SMC will join new candidates Wilfred Leung, 35, and Benjamin Pwee, 43, in contesting for the Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC.
Opposition candidate Alec Tok said he had quit over a list of party protocols drawn up by party chief Kenneth Jeyaretnam.
Besides Mr Lee and incumbent MP Inderjit Singh, the other four are current Yio Chu Kang MP Seng Han Thong, current Aljunied GRC MP Yeo Guat Kwang and new candidates Dr Intan Azura Mokhtar and Mr Ang Hin Kee.
PAP candidates to put issues faced by ageing Singaporeans at the top of their agenda.
They are entrepreneur Neo Ting Wei, industrial trader Ong Beng Soon Elvin, businessman Ong Hock Siong, stock trader Noraini bte Yunus, veteran politician Abdul Rasheed and businessman Yip Yew Weng.
They are trade unionist Patrick Tay Teck Guan, Brigadier-General (NS) Tan Chuan-Jin and former Economic Development Board director Low Yen Ling.
Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong's Facebook comments on PAP's youngest candidate Tin Pei Ling has caused a stir on- and offline.
The GRC is likely to face its first contest since its formation in 1997 as Mr Chiam See Tong has indicated his interest in contesting the GRC.
Education Minister Ng Eng Hen, People's Action Party (PAP), Organising Secretary (Special Duties) said at an introduction of new candidates on Wednesday.
The deputy prime minister urged Singaporeans not to vote for the sake of having more opposition and back the stronger team that can serve them better.
The Senior Minister of State for Law and Home Affairs will be retiring after 20 years of office.
Mountbatten SMC is a constituency of contrasts. It's where the old and the new meet, where HDB dwellers are just a stone's throw from their private estate counterparts.
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