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Latest News

Gomez let off with a 'stern warning'

Warning given for his 'use of threatening words towards a public servant'; cooperation with the police taken into consideration.
After polls come post-mortems
MPs-elect formally analyse performances as parties figure out how to win over thosewho voted for the other side.
Workers’ Party chairman Sylvia Lim accepts NCMP offer
Move will boost Lim's profile; potential to bolster party's chances in next general election.
WP's James Gomez questioned by police again
The former candidate for Aljunied GRC was questioned over two alleged offences: criminal intimidation and giving false information.
Workers’ Party’s Aljunied GRC team offered NCMP seat
The team of five, which was the 'best loser' at the polls with 44% of valid votes, has been offered one parliamentary seat.
Votes are secret
The use of serial numbers enable 'strict accounting of all ballot papers issued and cast', says the Elections Department in response to queries from the public.
Overseas votes do matter
Although the winning margin in this GE was clearly higher than the total overseas votes for every constituency, overseas votes will still be counted and added to the local votes: Elections Department.
Clear PAP win and funds from abroad fuel stocks
S'pore's sizzling stock market rally hit a record high during trading yesterday with shares soaring on the back of a resounding election win, good economic news and a flood of new cash pouring into blue chips. -ST
Net was abuzz with politics during poll period
From satirical podcasts to serious discussions of political strategy, the Internet was a hotbed of activity during the election period, a development which took Internet watchers by surprise. -ST

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In elections, a duty of care
As Singaporeans go to vote today after a campaign that had its unsettling moments, it is good to remember some home truths. -ST
'Winning over the 'vanishing voter'
For the many S'poreans living in walkover constituencies who want to but will not get a chance to vote this year, it must come as a slap in the face to know that there are others who are eligible to vote, but will not do so because they will be out of the country today. -ST
Giving a lift to the upgrading debate
The biggest edifices that will decide how Singaporeans vote on Saturday are probably not mountains or molehills, but HDB flats. -ST
Psst. No one's debating foreign policy
One issue, however, is not likely to figure much in this election - and that is Singapore's foreign policy. -ST
Contest is welcome
A contest taken right through to Polling Day is a healthy development for elective politics. An election cannot be an exercise in picking local-area constituent-minders. -ST
What young voters think
An intriguing variable of this election drawing some attention is the political choices under-30s voters will make, and their impact on policy-setting in the coming years. -ST
Modest but real steps mean more to voters
Aspiring MPs, while keeping the big picture in mind, must know where a large part of their duty lies - in day-to-day matters best addressed in small executable steps, says a former journalist. -ST
The generation gap - among political leaders
Younger PAP leaders are sweating needlessly about the post-65ers, says Mafoot Simon. -ST
Voters, jump into the fray
Voters should make the effort to think through the issues that will be raised during the campaign, not as passive recipients of party rhetoric but as participants. -ST

Forum Letters

Don't be unfair - with funds and news coverage
A reader feels that both the press and TV have done a disservice to the people. -ST
Study of spoilt votes shows interesting pattern
A reader urges the PAP to reflect on the message these 'abstention voters' are sending. -ST
Strong mandate? I beg to differ
Being in denial that there is genuine unhappiness and discontent among S'poreans will only sway more voters to favour the opposition in the next electiont, says a reader. -ST
Political parties should address 2 strategic issues
A reader feels that the issues regarding the rise of China and India and the cost of living have not been addressed to the fullest. -ST
Can upgrading promises be fulfilled in next 5 years?
One reader says If upgrading is for the benefit of the people so that an estate does not become a slum, then it should be a national decision, and not one for the party to make. -ST  
What about those who are not able to vote?
Readers inquire about the polling procedures for the sick, elderly and those overseas. -ST   Relevant information
Who gets priority?
One reader would like the Minister for National Development to further state how upgrading work is prioritised. -ST
Equal chance for all to apply for rally sites
Police say the procedure is well-established and familiar to all. -ST
Choose a candidate for his character
A reader believes voters should ask themselves: 'While I may be charmed by the candidate, do I know his character? -ST
Why GRC quota for women not a good idea
A reader believes there would be three possible negative side-effects if the suggestion for one third of the candidates in GRCs to be female is implemented. -ST
GRC walkovers - too many voters sidelined
One reader says 1.36 mil eligible voters (67%) did not get to vote when 10 GRCs went uncontested in 2001, and this should have raised "a dozen red flags". -ST
Questions posed reflected youth's concerns
One reader feels the questions posed to MM Lee are the most prevalent among those of his generation. -ST
The young should give MM due respect, credit
A reader feels sorry for MM Lee having to defend his continuing presence in S'pore politics. -ST
Straw poll of young voters in a rainstorm
Four out of six young S'poreans polled said they would unquestioningly vote for the PAP, and their reason was simple - why fix it when it ain't broke? -ST
The brutal truth: Politics is about daily life
A reader highlights that politics is about choosing what kind of life we want for ourselves and our future generations. -ST

News flash

  • WP's James Gomez let off with stern warning
  • It's official. WP chairman Sylvia Lim named NCMP
  • The PAP has returned to power with 82 out of 84 seats in parliament (66.6% of total votes)
  • Chiam, Low retain seats in Potong Pasir and Hougang respectively

  • Video news: WP 'suicide squad' gets better than expected results
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    Photo gallery: Victory parade at Ang Mo Kio GRC
    ...more galleries

    Staying up on Polling Day? If you feel peckish, here are some options for you to consider.

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