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As the global financial crisis threatens to poison lives around the globe, many expatriates in China are finding they are largely immune to its toxicity.
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A motorcyle accident robbed him of his bodily functions three years ago, leaving him paralysed from the chest down. Now, the banking crisis threatens his savings and his $200,000 insurance payout from the accident.
Gone: The $500 million dollar dream
In what seemed like an instant, millions of dollars in investments went bust. Find out what happened as the Minibonds saga unfolded.
Wealth managers now Public Enemy No. 1
They have been portrayed as the bad and the greedy, the unscrupulous face of the Minibonds crash that caused 10,000 retail investors here up to $500 million in losses.
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Minibond holders still grappling with outcome

While there is the "caveat emptor" or buyer beware clause, and technically speaking, most of the buyers of the minibonds can be said to have bought the bonds on their free will, I cannot but emphatize with them.
---Khoo Teng Liat

No such thing as "low risk, high return". If such MiniBonds are really fixed deposits, whole of Singapore will grab them. No need to hire Relationship Mgrs to sell them

Singapore is in recession

Surprise Surprise. I thought some VVIPs said recently that our fundamentals are strong, then how did our govt land our economy into recession....
---live the dreams

So, who was the one saying singapore has sound and strong economic fundamentals and who was the one saying china and india will cushion us from any recession...

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