Boon Gay's acquittal: No appeal

The prosecution was given until June 11 to appeal.

This development comes on the same day as former Singapore Civil Defence Force chief Peter Lim being found guilty of corruption in another sex-for-contracts corruption case.

Court rejected charges that he demanded oral sex from a contractor to help her win government deals.

Upon receiving the documents on the written grounds of decision, they will have two weeks to file an appeal if they decide to.

Does paying top dollar increase an accused's chances of acquittal?

Judgment clarified areas of corruption law which the defence and the prosecution had clashed over.

"This is a witness who is prepared to say anything to implicate the accused," said Mr Tan.

The prosecution would study the grounds of decision and assess whether or not to appeal.

The not guilty verdict was handed out on Valentine's Day.

Ms Sue had testified in court that she was never in a sexual relationship with Mr Ng and that he had forced her to perform oral sex on him.

They confirmed the intimate nature of their relationship.

The problem was that her accounts in court differed frequently from the statements she had given earlier to the CPIB.

She has also been in the spotlight for accompanying him to court on each of the 15 days of the trial.

Deafening applause rang through the packed courtroom when the judge announced decision to acquit him.

He will continue to be suspended, pending the state prosecutors' assessment of the verdict.

This would be enough, says DPP Tan.

Defence lawyer Tan Chee Meng argued that the prosecution had not, even with its best case, made out the charges against former anti-narcotics bureau chief Ng Boon Gay.

It wraps up after 14 days of testimony by 10 witnesses.

Would Cecilia Sue give sexual favours because someone is important? Ng says: She would never do such a thing.

The four instances of oral sex he obtained from Ms Sue were tainted, said DPP.

Every day without fail, she has showed up in court by her husband´┐Żs side.

She was concerned that her child could have been conceived by a man who was not her husband.

She was his "part-time lover" and not his regular sex partner.

There were a few tense moments in Court 5 on Wednesday when the opposing lawyers crossed swords.

The CNB director repeatedly denied that he knew what HDS was.

Ng said he and Ms Sue often met for meals.

Ng allegedly committed the offence in exchange for helping to further the interests of her then-employers.

Words flew and tempers flared in court on Wednesday as the defence twice protested against how the prosecution had put questions to Ng Boon Gay.

He should have made it absolutely clear to Ms Cecilia Sue that he would excuse himself from tender approvals if her company was involved.

After 4 days of cross-examination by the prosecution, Ng left the witness stand to make way for another witness on Friday afternoon.

He was accused of "fabricating" evidence in court by the prosecution.

He sought to draw the distinction to make clear to the court that he was not corrupt.

Ng said he was facing immense stress from the media coverage of his case when he was interviewed.

If it had been love, surely they would have enjoyed private moments in hotel rooms, chalets or even gone on trips, the prosecution argued.

Just how involved was Ng Boon Gay in the Central Narcotics Bureau's (CNB) procurement process?

Ng said he had given his reasons in his first two statements.

She sometimes asked him to grade how much he loved her on a scale of one to 10

Ng had earlier admitted that there could be "perceived" conflict of interest by third parties or laymen unfamiliar with CNB's procurement process.

Ng's lawyer, Senior Counsel Tan Chee Meng, had asked him if Ms Sue knew who his wife was and if they had met before.

He was asked in court specifically about the times and places he had sex with Ms Cecilia Sue.

She performed oral sex on him so often, he could not recall exactly how many times she had done it.

The DPP said it did not matter if the sex between them had been consensual.

Ms Cecilia Sue, whose own mother had died of the disease years earlier, comforted him and they drew emotionally closer.

He had sex with Ms Cecilia Sue some time in the middle of 2009 at a serviced apartment in Great World City.

He said CPIB deputy director Mr Teng Khee Fatt told him to plead guilty or face embarrassing media publicity.

He said this in reply to a question about the prosecution's idea of his "spanner influence".

There are stark differences between the two's testimonies.

District judge Siva Shamnugam said that he has a case to answer.

The prosecution rebutted defence's claim , saying it was mischievous.

In his submissions, the lawyer urged the court to acquit Ng of the four corruption charges he faces.

His lawyers intend to tell the court that there is no case to answer.

The only common thread in Ms Sue's testimony and statements to the CPIB was that she would never give sex in exchange for contracts, said lawyer.

As a result of her change in positions while on the stand, the court heard three conflicting versions of her relationship with Ng.

Lawyer said they had followed its letter and not its spirit.

Ms Sue had told the court repeatedly that she was stressed and tired when speaking to the CPIB.

She was recommended for the job at Oracle Corporation by Mr Koh Hong Eng, one of the IT giant's high-ranking employees.

Testimony revealed that ex-CNB chief Ng Boon Gay had personal secrets he did not wish to be revealed.

He will go on trial from Jan 14 to 17 and Feb 18 to 21.

Lawyer questioned why she was provided with 6 bodyguards, and accompanied by CPIB deputy director Teng Khee Fatt.

She was held at the CPIB headquarters for more than a day the first time she was called in to give her statements.

Four witnesses are to take the stand in the coming days.

Four witnesses are to take the stand in the coming days.

Day 7: Trial resumed on Oct 31 Click on thumbnail to view. Story continues after photos. (Photos: ST)

'Star witness' in sex-for-contracts case has throngs of men waiting outside court building hoping to catch a glimpse of her.

Whenever she stepped out of the court building or out of the car, a human wall would follow her.

The ex-CNB chief was the final approving authority in the procurement process.

A look at what has been seen and heard in the trial.

A timeline of significant events from when they first met.

This is the sequence of events that emerged over the first four days of former anti-narcotics chief Ng Boon Gay's trial.

Prosecutors and defence counsel have both accused her of lying.

Key witness Cecilia Sue was not questioned further when she appeared on Tuesday.

Six men and one woman have been escorting Ms Sue in and out of court since her first appearance.

She vented her frustrations in court this week by blaming the media for being "unfair" to her.

Ms Sue testified that she feared the consequences of offending Ng as he was "well-connected".

It sought to show that its key witness had been lying on the stand.

Ng Boon Gay's defence lawyer had applied at least twice for Ms Sue to be impeached.

Here are two of the exchanges between Senior Counsel Tan Chee Meng, who is acting for Ng Boon Gay, and Ms Cecilia Sue.

Doubts were cast on the veracity of Ms Cecilia Sue's testimony - not only by the defence, but also the prosecution.

This is despite widespread media coverage of her relationship with former anti-narcotics chief Ng Boon Gay.

Witness said his former boss Ng Boon Gay did not propose that the agency pursue the two IT projects.

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There's nothing like sex among those in high places to spark public chatter - and the Ng Boon Gay trial is no exception.

They skipped school, work to attend trial Click on thumbnail to view. Story continues after photos. (Photos: ST, TNP & myp)

They took the stand on the sixth day of the corruption trial.

For the first time in the ongoing sex-for-contracts trial, both the defence as well as the prosecution cast doubt on the credibility of former IT sales manager Cecilia Sue Siew Nang.
This is despite widespread media coverage of her relationship with former anti-narcotics chief Ng Boon Gay.

She sits quietly in the gallery, her hands clasped together, as if to keep herself composed and calm.

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Did she or didn't she?

Cecilia Sue Siew Nang showed that she could hold her own as she sparred with Senior Counsel Tan Chee Meng.

Is Ms Cecilia Sue Siew Nang merely a forlorn woman who fell for the wrong man?

Was Ms Cecilia Sue Siew Nang a jealous, possessive, persistent lover?

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