SPH Digital ramps up content marketing offerings with relaunch of BrandInsider

It's been almost two successful years since SPH Digital first set up Content Studio, providing a content marketing solution for local advertisers to reach out to new audiences, and it's high time for a makeover.

Content Studio will be renamed after its hero product, BrandInsider - a nod to its popularity with industry insiders.

BrandInsider is a content hub that allows brands to create and cultivate their own brand voice on SPH's well-respected platforms such as The Straits Times Online, AsiaOne, The Business Times and Lianhe Zaobao.

Since 2014, it has had more than 60 brand initiatives under its belt. These include Audi Singapore, Manulife, SIA and Delta Air Lines.

Not satisfied to rest on past laurels, BrandInsider will also be going through a makeover to better reflect its upcoming offerings.

To kick things off, the team has seen a 100 per cent growth in headcount, with staff who bring well-rounded expertise in content marketing to the table, backed by more than 10 years of editorial experience that includes journalism, design and video to provide a more insightful approach to content marketing and storytelling for the local and regional market.

Armed with an intimate knowledge of local readers, the team continues to embark on projects that showcase the best of content marketing. In a nutshell, it is through the use of storytelling, impactful visuals, and powerful video to create memorable moments of inspiration for audiences.

In addition, the team can tap onto inside resources to provide analytics on audience targeting while riding on SPH's Digital's vast reach for a more effective and well-rounded marketing campaign.

Ms Cynthia Loh, Editor of BrandInsider, said: "As SPH Digital's content marketing vehicle, BrandInsider combines the finest in SPH's heritage of credible journalism, and the best practices of content marketing to innovate and create impactful native content that allows advertisers to amplify their brand message."

To mark these changes, BrandInsider is also taking this opportunity to offer a refreshed masthead.

With the first of these changes, BrandInsider aims to excite and inspire industry leaders. Watch this space as we announce more details in time to come.

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5 of BrandInsider's best branded content on AsiaOne

What is BrandInsider, you ask?

It is the content marketing vehicle that has been quietly powering some of the most compelling new branded content on AsiaOne in the last two years.

Through creative story-telling techniques, BrandInsider delivers content that is useful and relevant to readers, and helps to create communities between readers and brands.

Here are five examples of BrandInsider's work that might just make you rethink content marketing.

#1 - From a mother to a mother

This Mother's Day, how about doing something for the unsung heroines in your life (who also happen to be mums themselves)? Find out what happens when a Singaporean mother, her kids, and a Canon printer all get together to spring a creative Mother's Day surprise for their helper. Get the tissues ready.

#2 - What type of shopper are you?

Have you ever found out about a person's "true colours" only after you've gone shopping together? So have we. Turns out that the way people shop reveals a whole lot about their personality. Find out about these five shopping personality types, and take the quiz to see which one you are.

#3 - How to maximise your dollars in Seattle

If there's something that beats the travel experience of your lifetime, surely it must be saving money while doing so. Visiting the US isn't cheap, but our handy compilation of insider tips and money-saving tricks make a trip to Seattle both memorable and affordable.

#4 - How well do you know the upcoming Trans-Asian Railway?

You might have heard about the future high-speed rail that will link Singapore up to Kuala Lumpur. In fact, that's just the first leg of the Trans-Asian Railway, a rail network that will completely transform the way people travel in Southeast Asia. It will someday be possible to take the train all the way from Singapore to Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and China. Find out more about all the stops through our interactive map of the rail network.

#5 - 5 great places to live in when you retire

Partly thanks to Rebecca Lim's publicity stunt, the concept of retirement among young adults is now changing. Retirement is no longer a drab topic to be put off indefinitely, but something that people are starting to look forward to and plan for. For those bitten by the travel bug, the idea of retiring overseas is particularly appealing. Here are five destinations to consider for that permanent holiday.

For this campaign, Manulife was the client who said: "In Manulife Retirement Campaign 2015, we wanted to empower Singaporeans with knowledge on retirement planning from financial,  health, emotional and lifestyles aspects. 

"Recognising the importance of have content amplified via a credible source to support our objective,  we partnered with SPH Content Studio [now BrandInsider] to create 12 articles that are both informative and  fun to read. 

The articles were well received by readers with a few achieved excellent readership. Thanks to the team for your support!"