Spice it up Sing-style

For many HongKongers, a trip to Singapore or Malaysia is a chance to chow down on some spicy seafood dishes and enjoy a bowl of laksa made with creamy coconut milk.

However, if a craving strikes while in HongKong, the BreadTalk Group from Singapore has opened a second location of Asian Twist, this time in Wan Chai. The first and smaller restaurant is in IFC mall in Central.

Chef Aaron Liang, who is originally from Singapore, tells us that the clean and simple lines of the black-and-white house decor is comforting to homesick Singaporeans, reminding them of home. "We are trying our best to bring Singaporean (food and flavors) to HongKong. We try to create the feel and smells of home here," Liang says.

We tried a number of the signature dishes.The appetizers, salad youtiao and Spam fries, were definitely not the healthiest choice on the menu.Both of these deep-fried and crisp starters went well with an ice-cold Tiger beer, but are not things I recommend eating too often. The salad youtiao are the fried crullers usually served with congee; these were stuffed with squid paste.

Most living in Hong Kong are familiar with Singapore fried noo-dles that are lightly curried stir-fried rice vermicelli. However, Liang explains that he was shocked the first time he tried this dish in HongKong because it is not at all what he was used to eating in his hometown. The stir-fried rice vermicelli Singapore style served at Asian Twist comes with fresh lime wedges, BBQ pork, shrimps, fish cake, chopped fresh coriander, and chopped lettuce. The flavors are light and fresh, and the dish is not as heavy as the HongKong version.