S'pore jointly develops electrical wiring and safety standards for Cambodia

In a joint development by Singapore's Energy Market Authority (EMA) and Cambodia's Ministry of Mines and Energy, Cambodia can look forward to better electrical wiring and safety standards to reduce the number of electrical fire related accidents.

The 16-month joint project is to develop the "Technical Standards of the Kingdom of Cambodia for Electrical Wiring and Safety for Buildings and Households".

The development also saw the training of 55 key senior energy officials in Cambodia on the basic concepts of electrical safety systems, regulatory frameworks and technical standards.

The project was funded by the Temasek Foundation with a grant of about $306,000, and supported by both the EMA and Cambodia's Ministry of Mines and Energy.

EMA's Assistant Chief Executive, Mr Bernard Nee, said: "Feedback from the participants has been positive. The training was useful in highlighting the role technical standards can contribute towards electrical wiring and overall safety practices."

The new Cambodia technical standards were based off Singapore's Standards Code of Practice 5 with modifications for Cambodia.

A closing ceremony was held in Cambodia today with Mr Nee and Temasek Foundation's Chief Executive Officer, Mr Benedict Cheong, in Phnom Penh. The event was presided over by Cambodia's Minister for Mines and Energy, His Excellency Suy Sem.

According to Temasek Foundation's Mr Cheong: "All across Asia, cities are growing rapidly, and good city planning and management is critical to ensure resources are well-utilised to provide for the urban community. We hope that this programme will make a positive contribution to the development of Cambodia's electrical and energy industry."

His Excellency Suy Sem added that the Technical Standards "will become the first technical document (for Cambodia) to manage and control electrical requirements for buildings and households".

This is the first bilateral project under the Singapore-Cambodia Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Energy Cooperation. The MOU was signed between Singapore's Ministry of Trade and Industry and Cambodia's Ministry of Mines and Energy on Oct 28, 2013, at the sidelines of the Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) 2013.