Sports club turns 50

Hillview Civilians Sports Club president M.P. Sellvem.

Ii all began in 1964 when a close-knit group of young like-minded football players came together to start a club.

And on May 30, the Hillview Civilians Sports Club (HCSC) launched its 50th anniversary celebrations at the Singapore Civil Service Club.

Its council members introduced a revamped and rebranded website showcasing the club's 50 years.

Speaking at the launch event, club president M.P. Sellvem said: "In these 50 years we have seen ourselves evolve from being a close-knit group of young like-minded football players to a group of members actively involved in growing the community spirit and building social good among our fellow citizens."

Club officials also introduced guests to the Silent Heroes Awards 2014, which aim to recognise and reward the unsung heroes of our society, for their achievements and for the positive influence they have brought to our communities and our country.

Calling on the public to help and support this initiative, Mr Sellvem said: "Through our various initiatives, the club has always tried to give back to society. Since 2011, HCSC has been able to help more than 100 disadvantaged families in Taman Jurong and Bukit Batok constituency by distributing wheelchairs to the underprivileged residents along with the regular distribution of food hampers.

"This year we wanted to go a step further and introduce the Silent Heroes Awards that will honour and felicitate the anonymous ambassadors of hope, courage and compassion."

Added Mr Narayanasamy, a founding member of the club: "It is through the collective effort on the part of the Hillview Civilians Sports Club members and their families that we have been able to make a positive contribution towards the society. We intend to foster this spirit among the younger generation and help inculcate in them the joy of giving back to the community."

The 50th anniversary celebrations will culminate with a dinner on Aug 23 at the Shangri-La Hotel.

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