ST Run: With a great run come great costumes

You may not be planning to run faster than a speeding bullet or leap buildings in a single bound while navigating The Straits Times Run at the Hub next week, but five superheroes will still be on hand to guide you to the finish line.

Francis Chia (Zorro), Jenap Said (Catwoman), Fia Permadi (Wonder Woman), Michael Quek (Peter Pan) and Poon Zi Li (Captain America) - who are part of the 2XU Compression Superheroes group - will take part in the Sept 28 race to add a dash of entertainment to the event.

IT consultant Chia, 52, who will be doing the 21km run with his heroic compatriots, said: "Our costumes are meant to bring an element of fun to races so we only bring them out for events that are unique."

"Some people may find it torturous in the middle of their run so I hope that our costumes can make them smile and push forward to a historic finish."

Fia added: "There's nothing better than waking up early on a Sunday morning to run and make history so I want to help people remember that and give them happy memories.

But it turns out even superheroes have to be selective about when to reveal their true colours.

"The cape is heavy so I don't wear it for runs all the time but a special run like this deserves a special costume," added the 42-year-old.

Quality control manager Jenap is also making an exception by appearing in what she calls her "signature" Catwoman costume, which she dons only at the request of race organisers or when she wants to raise funds for causes.

"This run is special because this year's finisher's medal is not the same as last year's," said Jenap, 55.

"Some people, like myself, love collecting finishers' medals so a different medal usually brings about special memories."

For Chia, finishing the run at the National Stadium in their costumes will also bring about a sense of achievement that can be found only at this race.

"Stadiums are where sporting heroes are made and while we may not be able to achieve that level of recognition, we're happy to give runners something to remember."

With Peter Pan also in the group, there does not seem to be any excuse for tired old legs not feeling ever young on the final straight either.

This article was first published on Sep 20, 2014.
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