Starbucks recalls unsafe mugs here

Coffee chain Starbucks Singapore has recalled a range of limited-edition ceramic mugs sold in some of its stores, after tests by the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) showed that they fell short of safety standards here.

The mugs bear a print of watercolour poppies and were launched in a number of outlets on Feb 23, as part of its Spring collection.

Forty-four mugs - sold for $17.90 each - were recalled early last month, after tests showed that the mugs exceeded Singapore's leachable lead standards.

This means that lead, which is a toxic substance, can leak into the liquid contained by the mugs.

My Paper understands that the mugs were tested and found to be unsafe by the AVA, which regulates all products that come into contact with food.

A spokesman for Starbucks Singapore said that the mugs were supplied by Pacific Market International, a manufacturer based in Seattle. However, she was unable to provide information on where the mugs were made or how many were on sale in its stores.

Besides putting up signs at all its outlets informing customers about the mug recall, Starbucks Singapore has put up a notice on its website.

The spokesman said that it was "an isolated situation affecting a small number of mugs". She added that the United States-based coffee chain quickly recalled the mugs and is voluntarily offering a full refund to those who bought them.

"Our customers' safety has always been our top priority," said the spokesman. "We are investigating the cause of this matter and are taking the appropriate steps to ensure this does not occur again."

She added that some people have come forward to get refunds for the mugs, but the coffee company is unable to provide exact figures as yet.

For more information, contact the Starbucks Customer Care Line on 1800-782-7282 or e-mail

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